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Curra Celtic Jewellery

Located in the West of Ireland, Jack specialises in handcrafted wooden Jewellery embellished with Celtic & Tribal symbols in wood, agate, wire and other metals.

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Deeca Design

Deeca Design is a collection of jewellery inspired by architecture and nature. The collection is made from sustainably & ethically sourced hardwoods, precious metals, and freshwater pearls. 

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Garrett Mallon

Garrett is an award winning Irish goldsmith who creates unique contemporary handmade sculpted jewellery often combining metals and textures to create eye catching pieces. With over 30 years’ experience making jewellery he works in silver and gold and using precious stones and semi precious stones in much of his work.

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Jean Lowndes

Most recently, Jean has added a spectacular new theme to her collection. Using fluid art techniques, she creates works with an incredible mix of colours, texture and shapes. These rich, harmonious compositions with dynamic cell structures are perfect to enhance any decor and create fabulous pieces of jewellery.

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Kieran Cunningham

Each piece is individually handcrafted in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. They are a mix of Irish / Celtic influence's with a modern feel to them. There are also pieces that just come from Kieran’s imagination.

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Siobhain’s Jewelry

Siobhain’s Jewelry is based in Clogherhead, Co Louth and creates unique pieces using locally sourced wood along with seashells and sea glass from Clogherhead beach. Our Tree of Life wood fridge magnets are based on the tranquility of the countryside and are our biggest sellers. 

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Maguire Makes

Maguire Makes creates brightly coloured polyclay earrings with each pair completely unique and one of a kind. The combination of colours is inspired by the colours of nature and captured within each design. You will surely be standing out from the crowd with these stunning earrings.

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Tetiana Komarova

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